Agate gemstone information

Agate gemstones work better when activated properly and can be used to promote healing through the body or the mind.


Learning about crystals and gemstones is essential as there are hundreds of types of crystals that can be used through crystal healing and chakra therapy. Each of the crystals that can be chosen from has various aspects of the crystal that can be used to promote healing through the body or the mind, provide protection for the person making use of the crystal therapy or even to create an openness or balance between the body and soul.

Agate crystal is a popular choice for both crystal therapy and therapy that includes crystals used to balance the chakras. There are many types of agate crystals that can be integrated into crystal therapy, but also choices that can be used through therapies that are designed to align the chakras and create balance in the lifestyle and strength through the body and mind.

Blue Agate is used through chakra therapy in combination with the root chakra to create a sense of balance through all seven chakras while removing negative emotions from the body to balance and harmonize the energy that flows through the chakra centers.

Blue agate gemstones also has the ability to provide protection for the person making use of the therapies. Protection is encouraged and guiding decisions towards health can be easily attained while making use of blue agate in the healing program. Are you looking for assistance to lead you in the right direction towards health and balance?

When activated properly, blue agate can help to guide individuals in a direction that is going to give these individuals the confidence that is needed to make healthier decisions, and this confidence gives the user the option to accept this guidance to create and live a healthier lifestyle.

Extensive research has deemed that agate crystals are more effective through each of these types of therapies once they have been activated. Activating the crystals allows the crystal to thrive, absorbing negative energy from the person that is undergoing the treatment and encouraging the flow of energy from the person into the crystal, while projecting the properties of the crystal on to the person receiving the treatment.

Activating your Agate Gemstone

The activation process for crystals changes with the technology introduced to create techniques that are going to better affect the performance of the crystals. In the past activation methods ranged from focusing attention on the crystals while holding them in the hands to methods that drew power from the sunlight, moon light or soil from the ground. All of these methods have been replaced by Isochronic methods that make use of pure tones that are exposed to the crystals through the use of a music player. Not meant to be heard by humans, these pure tones can effectively cleanse and activate the crystals in a process that takes as little as thirty minutes. Using the tones that the crystal is exposed to, they can become charged for use for a period of up to three months.

This superior method of activating the crystals can actually increase the positive outcome and energy flow that can be seen from crystals like blue agate, that have been known to perform better when activated correctly. Using these methods, the vibrations that can affect the performance of the crystal that can potentially be absorbed through the earth or other elements that the crystal is exposed to, are reduced and can therefore create positive results for the individual.

The Benefits of Properly Activated Crystals

There are a number of benefits that can be seen from crystals that have been activated properly. Crystals that have been activated through Isochronic techniques can last for decades and even centuries, as the rocks and gems have not been affected by energy changes between the ground or the moonlight.

Through the traditional method of charging blue agate crystals, making use of sunlight, the rock can become easily faded over time and can therefore succumb to a less bright or deep color, which can affect the power within the stone. Isochronic techniques allow the user to reduce the exposure to sunlight and therefore can increase the life span of the rock and the power to be used through chakra alignment and crystal healing therapies.