Chakra balance information

A description of what chakra balance is and how it promotes better health.


Chakra balance helps to improve your health, your body, mind and spirit. The chakras are wheels of light found all over your body. The chakras represent different colors and they absorb energy that comes from your thoughts, feelings and the outside world.

Chakra balance is an ancient Indian belief in a series of seven energy centers. These energy centers are located at specific points between the base of the spine and the top of the skull.

Each ones relates to particular organs of the body, ailments, colors, elements, and emotions. Chakra balancing promotes health by maximizing the flow of energy in the body, much as a tune-up enables a car to operate at peak efficiency.

Chakra balancing promotes general health and well-being by ensuring the free flow of life energy throughout the body. When there is a blockage in this flow, it will eventually result in emotional or physical illness, chakra balancing removes and maximizes energy flow.

To do a chakra balance you have to imagine you hands are tearing open a bread roll at the site of a chakra, you do not have to visualize anything; just feel like you are doing this, as if you were doing it in real life without looking at what you are doing.

Energy Raising Exercise

Chakras are non-physical centers, so you need a non-physical method to stimulate them. To achieve this you focus your awareness in the area of one of the chakras and use your mind to manipulate it. You need a localized, mental opening effect in a chakra to stimulate it; this tearing action with your imaginary hands provides it. By moving your point of awareness to the site of the chakra and causing a mental opening effect with your hands, you are directly stimulating the chakra.

Do the energy raising exercise as above, before stimulating the chakra. Use breath awareness to aide your hands in pulling energy into each chakra. For example, draw energy up on the inhale and hold it on the exhale this will start to stimulate the chakra.

Below is an exercise you might like to try.

Base chakra raises energy up to your base chakra. Use your hands to open it and pull energy into the base. Repeat this first step, thoroughly seven times.

Spleen chakra draws energy from the feet, through to the base, and on up to the spleen. Open the spleen and repeat this three times, starting at the feet.

Solar Plexus chakra draws energy from the feet, through the base and spleen and on up o the solar plexus. Open the solar plexus repeat this three times starting at the feet.

Heart chakra draws energy up from the feet, through the base, spleen and solar plexus, on up to the heart. Open the heart, and repeat this three times starting at the feet.

Throat Chakra draws energy up from the feet, through the base, spleen, solar plexus and heart to the throat. Open the throat and repeat this three times starting at the feet.

Brow chakra draws energy up from the feet, through the base, spleen, solar plexus, heart and throat to the brow. Open the brow repeat this three times starting at the feet.

Crown chakra draws energy up to the crown as in the previous steps. Open the crown chakra. This chakra is much larger (it is the top of the head, above the hairline). Imagine you have a large flat bread roll inside the top of your head and you are tearing it open with your hands. Repeat this entire process twice, starting at the feet.

It is important not to tense any muscles during this exercise. You may however, feel a slight internal contracting, a feeling that is not muscular while you are stimulating your chakra. These are the glands and nerve ganglia, linked to the chakra, contracting in response to the stimulant is normal.

Throughout the exercise check your muscles for any tensing during the energy raising and chakra balancing and re-relax, as you need. Your muscles will automatically try to respond to the mental action of pulling energy up through you. Remember, that this is mental, your body must stay calm and relaxed throughout.

The base chakra is a master chakra and the most important one to activate. This is the doorway for the energy. Unless this is open sufficiently, the energy cannot flow so it will not be able to chakra balance. I would suggest you concentrate most of your time and energy into stimulating your base chakra, at least in the early stages of chakra balance.