Crystal healing properties information

Crystal Healing - Unblocks the negative patterns.

By Diwakar Vashist


Crystal healing, as a therapy in it, may appear to be new, using ideas and methods from many cultures combined together, but the present day interest in is simply a continuation of mankind’s fascination with gemstones and minerals down the ages.

Crystal healing unblocks the negative patterns by raising the vibrational frequency of the energy field that surrounds your body. Because healing is the process of working with the energy fields that surround your body, with the help of crystals you will have added vitality and feel whole again.

The energy field is the energy of the soul.

Working with the energy of the soul is the highest form of intervention you can receive. Because it is the most efficient way to identify and eliminate the root causes of both psychological and physical illness. Crystals do this by working on the body energy centers, known as the ‘Chakras’. When the 'Chakras ' are not working correctly you will feel unwell or tied.

Crystal healing in some form or another has been practiced by almost every society on earth, many of which had deeply rooted belief systems that supported holistic ideas and methods.

However, without this cultural foundation, has largely become an area of faith and "flakiness". You either "believe" crystals can heal or you do not, with little or no rational explanation of how it might work.

These crystals were ground up and sprinkled directly on wounds, and scientist today have proved that it is an effective bactericide. Others believe is even older, beginning in the ancient civilization of Atlantis or possibly even ' Lemuria'. The ancient Greek and Roman healers such as Pliny and Galen used Hematite for headaches. Pliny also used it for blood disorders. But the one common belief was the tremendous potential of healing properties that these stones contained.

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