How crystal healing stones work

How crystal healing stones work in the treatment of physical, emotional or spiritual ailments.


Crystal healing stones work on a vibration in which subtle energy given off by a crystal is used to treat the body, mind and spirit. The healing stones emit beneficial energy and vibrations into your energy field and help to repair imbalances within the ethereal body. For this reason crystal healing stones can perform on anything that possesses an energy field be it a person, a plant, an animal or the environment.

Although crystal healing stones are used in treating the body, mind and spirit it is not meant to replace conventional medicine. Instead, it should be used alongside conventional medicine as a compliment.

The art of using healing stones has been present in many eras and cultures, some dating back for thousands of years. It was commonly used in ancient Hebrew and Mayan societies as well as in the Native American Indian and Tibetan cultures. Although not yet fully accepted by Western medicine, its methods are still often used and prescribed in many parts of the world. Since each crystal stone carries with it a unique energy vibration. Certain types of crystal stones can be utilized in the treatment of physical, emotional or spiritual ailments.

A healing stone is a regularly repeated atomic structure that is formed from building-blocks like units of matter.

Crystals are formed inside of the earth through heat and pressure which causes it atoms and molecules to follow a blueprint (crystalline encoding). These molecules take on the most stable form possible by repeating itself until the crystal is fully form.

Crystal healing stones are a terrific aid in healing work as they help to clear and balance the chakras and subtle bodies. They are also beneficial for the development of intuition, psychic abilities, and astral travel. Healing stones can also provide protection from all types of negative energy. Crystal stones are able to promote personal and planetary ascension to raise the universal consciousness. They are some of the most inspiring stones known to man.

Healing crystals can be chosen in two different ways. One of the best ways to acquire a stone is by being given one as a gift. Or sometimes, you may have a specific reason for choosing a stone, in which case you can choose the stone based on its known properties. To use this method, you should research the physical or emotional problems you are experiencing and then choose a corresponding healing stone. You can also choose a healing stone by selecting one out of a bag at random, or by laying them out and selecting the one you feel most drawn to. Once you have your crystal you should attempt to connect with it and feel its energy. Some of these energies you can have are a sensation of tingling, coldness or heat coming from the crystal.

If you are buying crystals, choose your place of purchase carefully. At a festival or fair, many people have handled the crystals, so the stones may be holding conflicting vibrations. It will therefore be difficult to feel the true nature of the healing stones. When you buy your crystal healing stones, you must also consider that the natural unpolished ones are also pure in spirit and have not been tampered with by man. It is often the least attractive crystals that have the strongest healing power.