Crystal healing techniques

A description of different crystal healing techniques.


There a many crystal healing techniques you can use when working with crystals. Some of these include crystal meditation; crystal dowsing (using a pendulum) or the most popular method is by laying the crystal around the body and using the chakra points.

My suggestion to you would be, if you are looking at having crystal healing or you are looking to become a crystal healer is to explore the various different crystal healing techniques in order for you to find the best method for you.

There is not a uniform absolute system for practicing crystal healing treatments, because we are all different and different things will work better for different people, you will need to find your personal preference for working with crystals or having crystal healing treatment.

Below are a few of the most common crystal healing techniques.

Sitting with and holding a crystal

This method involves holding the crystal of your choice for ten to twenty minutes. Another way is to place the chosen crystals around you. Some sources suggest that if possible you do this four times a day. Or you can carry your healing stone around with you throughout the day, and at night place it under your pillow. There are many different ways to hold or move the crystals

One way is to move around the body and at each chakra point, stop and hold the crystal still.

Others use a sweeping movement through the entire aura in long strokes first downwards then upwards. Another way is to use a figure of eight looping all the chakra points together. This is possibly the most popular crystal healing technique.

Tracing the meridian lines

This can be a painstaking way, whereby you trace the meridian lines with the point of the crystal, stopping over major acupuncture points. This method is said to balance the conception channel. If you have knowledge of acupuncture or acupressure this method is worth a go. The idea here is to use the crystals instead of needles.

Using a single terminated point, a laser wand or a carved wand

For this method, you need to visualize the point of the crystal as a charge of energy which is pulling out stagnant or congested energy. You would use a smooth and balancing stroke over each chakra point.

Holding a crystal in each hand

For this method, you would hold a clear Quartz crystal in your dominant hand (the hand you use to work with) and in the other hand your receptive hand you could use a Rose Quartz. You then move the crystal in your dominant hand through the energy field from top to bottom. Some like to start by pointing the crystal out sweeping it down in small cleaning swoops as if you are making circles around the body from side to side.

Self treatment

The self treatment method is to hold a crystal with the point facing downwards and outwards in your right hand to the side of your body. Put your left hand over your heart and allow the congested energy to flow out into the earth.

Seated treatment

Stand to the side of a recipient with a crystal in your left hand hold this at the top of the head at the back. Now place a crystal in your right hand and hold at the top of the head but this time in the front. Move the crystals downwards to each chakra. Move them in and out to stimulate and balance the chakras. You do not have to have any particular kinds of crystals. You can practice this method lying down.

Clear Quartz points

This crystal healing technique involves the use of two Clear Quartz. Sit at the feet of the person you are healing and place the point of the crystal in your right hand at the bottom of the persons left foot, now place the next Clear Quartz in your left hand and have that pointing at the person’s right foot, this allows the energy to flow up through your right hand (person left foot) now imagine it moving all through the body, and then down the right side and out your left side (person right foot).

Crystal healing techniques can take you time to find, however, when you find the crystal healing technique you are happy with, keep to it.