A description of crystal healing

Crystal healing is best explained by saying that crystals are highly powerful and effective tools that contain a number of special properties.


The best description of crystal healing is to say it is a form of healing using crystals or gemstones. Over the centuries, people have used crystals and gemstones to attract the solar rays and indeed modern communication systems and computer technology make the use of the crystal in the form of the silicon chip. Today we are learning to use crystals (precious or semi precious stones) as a preventative and curative form of treatment, which generate healing vibrations acting on the body’s energy field.

The description of crystal healing is best explained by saying that crystals are highly powerful and effective tools and contain a number of special properties that interact with you in many different ways. Each crystal has a unique vibration that is a result of its color frequency, its chemical composition, its inner atomic structure and outer form. Not only does this property make a crystal indispensable in altering electromagnetic waves for medical machinery and quartz watches, but it also has a wonderful healing energy.

Another property of crystal is the distinct orderly structure which enables it to absorb, reflect, transform, transmute, balance, direct, amplify and focus the energies. Essentially, a crystal can adapt healing energy in any way imaginable. Since crystals and minerals make up most of the earth’s crust and reside within the human body, it can be said that in a sense, we are all part of and living on a crystal.

Crystals are said to be helpful with certain conditions or symptoms and have traditional meanings. You can often find the description of crystal healing and crystals in books, however, they only serve as a general guideline.

So, if you are looking to work with crystals you need to do a lot of research. Some people can suffer from identical symptoms, however; the cause of these symptoms may vary from person to person.

Because of this, each person will need an appropriate crystal for their specific needs. This is why you cannot generalize concerning crystal healing.

Another way to give you a description of crystal healing is to give you an insight into the way crystals can affect your body. The energies of the crystals can give you a calming, energizing, purifying, grounding or uplifting affect. They have a protective soft direct light that uplifts the body’s energies.

A healer will first assess the exact measure of the blockage in your auric field and then choose crystals with the appropriate energy frequency to help restore harmony and balance.

Therefore, to give you my description of crystal healing is to say it promotes wellness, helps prevent physical illness and gives support in the recovery of existing symptoms. Healing often involves a change in your overall well-being. This may be through the release of redundant patterns, a relief of stress and tension or a deeper insight into the cause of a specific problem. It can also bring with it a great amount of peace and harmony.

I have been practising crystal healing for a time now and the results still surprise me, and give me great enjoyment when I see a client looking and feeling well.