Quartz healing crystal information

The powerful quartz healing crystals.

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Long before, crystals have been linked with power. The magnificence of a crystal not only depicts power but some crystals have the ability to heal you and improve your health. Healing crystals are more precious from inferior crystals due to properties and characteristics they posses. Many people believe in the capacity of these healing crystals which is the reason that they are abundant in necklaces and bracelets.

Quartz Healing Crystals

There are several different kinds of quartz crystals and these are among the more popular healing crystals in the world. Quartz has long been associated with being able to heal both the body and the mind. Although, quartz comes in many different colors and shapes, their properties are actually to balance the mind by their soothing and calming effect as well as balance the body by healing some ailments and imbalances in it.

1. Clear quartz is crystal that comes in points and clusters. These kinds of healing crystals help to unclog the center of energy in our bodies and to help heal it. These kinds of crystals can also elevate the levels of our immune system making our body less prone to sickness and diseases. Clear quartz can also help to clear the mind and aid in getting rid of negative energies and thoughts.

2. Smokey quartz is supposed to bring good fortune to its bearer or wearer. Many believe that these healing crystals can promote relaxation and dispel negative energies.

These kinds of healing crystals can also encourage lucid dreams and promote better recollection. The Smokey quartz can also help to balance sexual energies.

3. The Rose Quartz is another group of healing crystals that are a soft pink color. The color in itself promotes a calming effect on both the wearer and those who look at it. This quartz is said to have a calming and forgiving effect on the wearer and is supposed to promote inner peace and self love or self value.

4. The Amethyst is another stone that belongs to the quartz family. These healing crystals are said to be able to encourage one's creativity and expression of self. These healing crystals are also capable of reducing the occurrences of nightmares when placed under the pillow and allow for better sleep.

Quarts didn't’ evade all the healing crystals available but these are just among the popular healing crystals of the quarts family.

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