Healing crystal pendants information

Healing crystal pendants.


In order to measure the energetic flow of electromagnetic energy around the body, you need a healing crystal pendant. The energy flow through the chakras is a direct reflection of the general state of being. Blocks of energy in any chakra will indicate negative thoughts and actions in the area of life related to that chakra. Healing crystal pendants demonstrate how energy shifts when you have a positive thought. It will also give you visible evidence of the energy moving through the chakra system.

When you work with subtle energy, you will always link into your subconscious mind and higher mind. The pendant links into the energy coming from your higher mind. This is why you cannot use a pendulum too long, because your conscious mind and thoughts will influence the pendulum to swing.

Healing crystal pendants can be used to find energy patterns in a room, house or garden. You can see this by the way the pendulum swings, it will allow you to find areas of distorted ground energy, water or lay-lines.

To make a pendulum you will need a clear quartz crystal suspended from a short piece of string or chain. You can use an amethyst or lapis lazuli.

First, practice swinging the pendant allowing free movement. Now place the pendulum in your right hand and place over a chakra centre, and hold it a few inches above the chakra. The energy field coming off this chakra will cause the pendulum to swing.

Ask you crystal pendant to show you which direction is positive, if it swings to the right you will then know that swinging to the right means positive.

Now ask your pendulum which direction is negative, if it now swings to the left you know that left means negative. If you pendulum swings side to side it is showing you that there is no answer to your question at this time, so you should try later.

To use healing crystal pendants to take a chakra reading is simple. Place the pendulum over a chakra of yourself or someone else. Hold it about 2-3 inches over the chakra. You can do this on the front or back of a person, but if you are working on another person, it is best to do it on the front giving that person the opportunity to see the movement for themselves. As the crystal pendulum starts to swing note how open or closed the swinging movement is. For example, if the pendulum swings in a wide circle, then the chakra is open, if the pendulum does not move then the chakra is closed. If the chakra is open, it could leave the person vulnerable to outside influences. If the pendulum does not move, the chakra is closed and is depleted of energy. As you work through each chakra check whether you need to build and strengthen the chakra, whether you need expand and transform the behavior of the chakra or just give grounding to the chakra.

Building and strengthening is the process you need to instill and build up new positive vibrations. This means forming new thought patterns and re-energizing the system. Next, you would have to take the crystal that reflect these properties and place them around the body as this helps infuse energy, giving you the strength to build and strengthen your energy field. You can then use you healing pendulum over each area to reactivate the chakra.

Expansion: In this process you need to instill expansion and transform behavior, once again you would use the same steps as you did in building and strengthening.

Grounding: In this process you aim is to heighten your vibration but still keep yourself grounded. The crystal used here would serve as a stabilizer, helping your physical body to stay healthy. Once again, you would follow the same steps as above.

Working with healing crystal pendants can be very rewarding for you, and for the people you work on.