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Rest assured your search for the Chakra Crystal Healing Book that you have been looking for as long as you can remember is finally about to end. I have for you the book that gives you everything, and I stress – everything you will need to know in order to become an effective crystal healing practitioner. And because it has it all, this book is for everyone. So whether you just want to learn more about Crystal Healing, or perhaps use it for your own benefit or to better care for you friends or family, or even use it to start your own lucrative business.


When I say it has everything you need to know about Crystal Healing, it also means it has “everything” that needs to be known by anyone who wants to learn it!


About Me
But before I tell you all the great things I want you to realize about this new book – which you definitely will – allow me to share with you a little bit about myself because I know it matters to YOU who you are getting all this from.

I am Lynn Claridge, and I have proven myself so many times to so many people that I am a qualified professional Crystal Healer. My life and love for crystal and the wonders it has brought to me in my life are undoubtedly countless and, more importantly, priceless. And even with all the great things that I have learned and have been able to do, I still live my days getting amazed by the seemingly endless experiences that my passion for crystals has given me.

So, if you want to know Chakra Crystal Healing in the best way possible, take it from someone who has been learning so much over the years and still learns more and more – me! My book can explain to you the principles of the use of gem stones and Chakra Magic based on my own experience, with which I will explain through my own words, making it easy and simple for you or anybody else to understand.

Lynn Claridge

"All you need to do is tap into the healing power of crystals and your mind will become brighter, your body will become healthier and you will create a happy and rewarding life for you and others around you"

Lynn Claridge SNHS Dip. (Crystal Healing)


So go ahead and read on… This book HAS what YOU NEED!

Hasn’t it always been frustrating to read a book you’ve been looking for with the hope of learning all the new things it has promised to teach you but, instead of actually getting something, you only end up either reading what you already know, what you don’t want or need to know, or worse, things that confuse you even more.

When I wrote this book, I already know what you want and what you “DON’T” want, and “I” know that “YOU” – or anyone else for that matter – don’t want to read books that only give you those nasty things I mentioned above.

So whether you want to learn Crystal Healing for pleasure or profit, my book will grant you all the knowledge you need to possess to fully understand gemstones and their innate powers as well as the wisdom you need to possess in order to make use of them in the best manner possible in the way you want to. What’s more is that it will be so easy to understand that you will be bringing out the potential Crystal Healer inside you in no time at all!

Nobody wants to read a book that leaves your questions unanswered. That’s not what books are for, after all. And with that, I can definitely tell you that this book is guaranteed to teach you what you need to know about Crystal Healing and more…


But seriously, does Crystal Healing work?

Yes, yes, and YES, it definitely does!


Think about it: Crystals have been around us more than we actually think. Gemstones have always been used to signify love and power and illustrate the cultures in so many ways for generations past.

Being naturally crafted elements of the earth, gemstones tell us a lot of things about our planet that otherwise could not have been determined. Why do you think collecting a bunch of rocks as samples from the moon or other planets is invaluable? It’s because these rocks are what makes up those worlds (just like this one) that would help people know a lot about them.

But perhaps the most common fact you can relate with is that many industrial and social activities today commonly use rocks in all its forms and quantity. And what people like us are aware of is probably nothing compared to all the times we interact with rocks unknowingly wherever we may be.

With that said, it is no surprise that rocks are of great value to our own health. Rocks are known to be sources of energy and power, Crystal healing invokes the powers of Chakra, which are the body’s energy centers, which are in turn found on the energy field that is the soul. When the Chakras are not well, so to will be the person.

And since using the soul is undoubtedly the best way to track down and mend the root causes of all sorts of illnesses, gemstones, through Chakra Crystal Healing, forces out negative patterns in the body by heightening the frequency of the energy in your body, improving your over-all constitution and vitality and leading to better health.


Crystal Healing is GOOD for YOU


Because of the natural method of Crystal Healing it has become a proven effective alternative to modern medicine, aside from being a very therapeutic, especially now that people are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of overly modernized medical technologies.

No, I’m not saying that doctors aren’t doing their jobs right. In fact, I personally appreciate their purpose in society and have proven their own works to be worthy of note. Crystal Healing is but one of the many wonderful alternatives that natural medicine can provide – and THAT is what I want to share with you.

Remember, that the magic in crystals have been seen in the way its presence in the earth has nourished the life around them. Crystal Healing uses the innate and natural ability of Crystals to induce healing into life by focusing and balancing our bodies, amplifying our minds and thoughts, carry our energy and allow us to generate love.

Again, EVERYTHING you need to know is in this book!

You will definitively not be disappointed with all the information my book will be promising you. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you:

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing and Different Healing Methods – It’s what this book is mainly about. You will be taught what Crystal Healing is and consequently learn all the different ways of Crystal Healing.

Crystal Healing

The History and Nature of Crystals – An introduction to the origin of crystals will better help you understand how these crystals were found to have healing powers. This is important for one to be able to tap fully the healing capabilities of any gemstone that one holds at hand. You will also learn the unique traits of different gems and the methods of invoking their abilities.

Crystal Healing

The Chakra and Aura System – As much as you need to know about crystals, you must also be fully equipped with the knowledge of the energy called Chakra in order to be able to properly use it on the very sacred energy field which is the body. Through this book you will learn how to identify different Chakra colors and how to interpret them.

Crystal Healing

The Healing Process – Lastly, with the knowledge given above, you will be taught how to USE gemstones in order to facilitate the various healing methods that use Chakra, which is the final step in order for you to be able to reap the benefits of Crystal Healing. You will be taught how to use it on yourself as well as other people and be taught with various instances to look out for in order to maximize your healing experience.


As you can see, my book and I will take you through a step-by-step process, making it so MUCH EASIER for you. The book is not only organized, it is also written in a way that it lets you take in all the pertinent details about crystals and chakra in the simplest manner possible. Your questions about Crystal Healing will definitely be answered in this book!

The contents of this book will teach you everything you need in order to qualify as a practicing chakra crystal healer like myself because you will be taught all the secrets of every gemstone and the corresponding ailments they can remedy.


For all these reasons, this e-book is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive of its kind. This life-changing book rich with 140 inspiring pages will teach you everything you need to know about Chakra Crystal Healing.

All this is yours FREE, for a limited time.

Crystal Healing for Profit and Pleasure


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